York Regional Police Working Agreement

York Regional Police offers members one of the most competitive compensation packages among Canadian police services. Members are also entitled to annual leave for leave that gradually increases with years of service. The following data reflect rates of pay as of June 1, 2020. Currently, 30 cents of every dollar of tax paid by the vice-presidents in the York region goes to the police. The front-line officials are dressed in dark blue (shirts, cargo pants (with a red stripe) and boots), standard in most municipal police forces in Ontario. Winter jackets are either black or reflective orange/yellow with the word font in white and blue at the back. Previously, the troupe wore light blue shirts. In 2001, York Regional Police entered into a joint service agreement with the Durham Regional Police Service, which provides mutual tactical assistance in large-scale or long-term operations. York Regional Police is assisting South Simcoe Police with requests from tactical teams and hostage rescue teams.

York Regional Police is one of two forces in greater Toronto with an active air support unit (Durham is the other). While the Toronto Police Service does not have an air unit, York`s air unit serves its territory under a mutual assistance agreement. York Regional Police was founded in 1971, when the province imposed the formation of a regional government of higher secondary education, including the lower-level municipalities of York County. [3] Over time, the unit began to specialize in the reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions. The unit expanded to about 20 officers working on four different trains. Trains followed the regular uniform officers` positions. The York Regional Police Association has confirmed a four-year contract with the police after months of difficult negotiations that required the convening of a mediator. In 2004, the Collision Investigation Technical Unit was renamed the Collision Reconstruction Unit. The unit consisted of eight members, consisting of investigators and collision reconstructions. The unit was still working with two teams and each position had a line manager. The police administration is facing an increase in police maintenance costs. In 2015, 1,072 officers, or about 70 per cent of York`s uniformed force, were on the provincial sun permit list.

York Regional Police rank badges are similar to those used by police in other parts of Canada and the United Kingdom, with the exception of replacing the usual “pips” with maple leaves.