Sister Port Agreement

In January 2012, the Port Authority of the Port of Livorno, in Italy, PortMiami deployed a gift in the form of a bronze statue, Il Marinaio (The Sailor), the Twinning Sailor, symbolizes the relationship between the two ports. The agreement was signed by app Director General Jay Daniel Santiago and Haikou City Port and Maritime Authority Director General Lin Jian. The Port of Rotterdam has a good international reputation thanks to its excellent port infrastructure, robust port and industrial complex and the diversity of freight flows and industries in the port area. Rotterdam Port Operations shares its knowledge and expertise in different ways, including feasibility studies and participations, as well as partnership agreements such as this Agreement with Guangzhou. Rotterdam`s port operation has partnership agreements with several other port cities, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Tokyo and the Thai Port Authority. For more information about the Sister Seaports program at PortMiami, please email Debra Owens, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and International Relations, or call 305-960-5456. The Port of Los Angeles has 17 friendship agreements with ports around the world. The brotherly and friendly port relations strengthen the economic and trade relations between the countries concerned, focused on technological and operational improvements, and allow for the exchange of elements of environmental programmes and policies on air quality, water quality and wildlife habitats in order to improve the two ports. The agreement officially opens channels for the cruise industry`s best practices in their respective fields. A town twinning agreement was also signed in the town hall of the civic center. The management of the Philippine Ports Authority (AAE) headed by Director General Juan C.

Sta. Ana (left, pictured above) greets San Francisco port officials who have visited Manila`s ports. Manila Port Operators, Asian Terminal Services and International Container Terminal Services, Inc., briefed customers about Manila`s port operations during a tour of the southern port and international container terminal facilities….