School Data Sharing Agreement

McLaughlin, M., &London, R. A. (2013). From data to measurement: a community-based approach to improving youth outcomes. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press. Description of`s book Excerpt from the introduction: “There are countless resources to support different aspects of data exchange (e.g. B the definition of Community priorities, the establishment of intersectoral relations, the conclusion of data use agreements and related functions). Our goal is to help the reader identify needs within their own community and direct them to relevant resources. Different communities are attracted to different resources based on their experience and their own challenges. And most people will think that it is necessary to get advice from experts at some point. Community examples are presented to illustrate the success of different communities with different aspects of data exchange. While there is no “one size fits all” for many barriers, we encourage communities to help each other exchange resources, assistance and best practices on the path to common data integration.

All the resources we have gathered are at the level of December 2016. The work of intersectoral data exchange to improve health is a challenge and requires an investment of time and resources. Even the cheapest options for meeting in a room and sharing static expressions can be a challenge when participants from different sectors distrust each other or use different terminologies. Technology can solve some problems, while others are created; and the need for human interaction around data exchange never completely disappears. This interactive toolkit has been designed to draw the reader`s attention to a multitude of resources that will help with this very important but challenging work. 2.3 Consents and Powers. the school represents and warrants that: (i) the school is authorized to provide the developer with student data and to allow the developer to access, collect, process and use the student data in accordance with the agreement and for the purposes of making the development product available, and (ii) that the school has received appropriate information to obtain appropriate consents and consents from the developer; The School`s end users with regard to the transmission of Student Data by the School to the Developer and/or Developer, the collection, processing and any other use of Student Data in accordance with the Agreement, to the extent that such disclosures or consents are required under applicable law or by the School`s agreements. 6.3 Priority to Agreements. This universal data sharing agreement governs the processing of student data in order to comply with data protection legislation. With respect to the processing of Student Data, in the event of a conflict between the terms of this Universal Data Sharing Agreement and the Developer`s Terms or other documents, offers, tenders or writings, the terms of this Universal Data Sharing Agreement shall apply and take precedence in the scope of the conflict, unless: the parties agree to each other conditions for the protection of pupils` data which are no less stringent than those provided. The parties mutually agree that these terms shall prevail over this Universal Data Sharing Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, only an authorized representative or administrator of the school (and not a teacher, trainer or contractor) may agree that these terms take precedence over this Universal Data Sharing Agreement with respect to the processing of student data. .

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