San Diego Agreement

Councillor Marni von Wilpert asked how much money the city would lose if the franchise agreement with SDG-E expired next month. “Franchise agreements allow the distribution company to tear up the city`s streets and put equipment on city property,” said Steven Weissman, a lecturer at UC Berkeley and a former energy lawyer with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). “In return, cities and counties can collect a tax, such as a tax.” If you need help with your contract number, please contact SDG-E at 1-800-411-7343. Changes to your online contract take effect with the filing of your application. Under the current franchise agreement, $47.8 million was provided to the San Diego General Fund and, in fiscal year 2020, to the City`s Environmental Growth Fund for Environmental Growth. In addition, the city`s utility underground program represented $63.6 million. The process of determining our energy future could not be more important, but it has been largely overshadowed by the public. The city council switched between total inactivity and hasty decisions, hardly advised. After the Council refused to accept the terms of candidacy proposed by Mayor Kevin Faulconer at a special meeting on August 6, the mayor decided to submit the agreement and set the terms unilaterally. The city said this proposal would be a huge improvement over the treaty of 50 years ago.

Vasilakis, however, is one of many critics who say that $62 million for a right to be the city`s largest service provider is simply not enough. And community supporters want a five-year contract to keep options open to the city. The San Diego City Council unanimously backed the extension of the franchise agreement with San Diego Gas and Electric until June 1, 2021 at a special meeting Wednesday, although several board members did so with deep concerns about the utility`s handling of the city. If you request a shutdown, this property will not be removed from your contract and you may be charged for future utility service. The current contract between the city and San Diego Gas-Electric, which has been in existence since 1970, runs until June 1. The original pact was due to expire this month, but Gloria and SDG and E officials have drawn up an extension. Thursday`s virtual hearing was billed as an “information meeting,” meaning no vote was held, but in a reference to the interest generated by the franchise agreement, 59 callers called during the public comment period. Some supported the SDGs, while more criticised the distribution company, while others called on the city to develop a business plan for the creation of a municipal plant. Jessica Lawrence, Gloria`s director of policy, said the mayor`s office would use the five months to get more information from the public about the direction the city should take to create a climate fund to be affected by greenhouse gas emissions and reopen the “call to tender process.” , which aims to encourage several energy companies to do so to sign a new agreement with the city.