Are Prenuptial Agreements A Good Idea

I know the following thought comes from Jewish philosophy, but while I was writing this, I couldn`t find the reference, so I apologize for it, but I still want to share it with you, because that`s both the value of marriage and why a marriage contract in most cases (you`ll find that I didn`t say “in any case” – there are times, In which a marriage contract is useful): Marriage is a life-long obligation to offer your spouse constant emotional intimacy, thus revealing your true self and, ultimately, your sole purpose for creation. Not only is it not a good idea to enter into a marriage contract alone, but in many states, each party must have its own legal representation. And even if separate lawyers are not mandatory, renouncing them can convince a judge to expel the Prenup from court. Although Williams` estate is worth millions of dollars, his case continues to teach a valuable lesson about the importance of designing strong and detailed patrimonial defenses, such as marriage contracts. A. Thank you for your question, Michael. In Ontario, a marriage contract is the best way to protect pre-cash property in all circumstances. Let me give you an imperfect analogy to explain why I`m generally opposed to marriage contracts, especially for marriages by relatively young and poor children: if you`re planning a marriage with the love of your life – especially if you`re a romantic – a marriage contract is probably not your top priority. But maybe it should be.