Are Pooling And Servicing Agreements Public Record

The best way to prove that all this mess has been solved is to go to the site and search for publication No. 938 for 2006 by the present. Just look at your article on finding pooling and service agreements. I`m in trouble. Here`s the reason: Ex and I bought a house from Pioneer Mortgage in 1992. In 1994, we re-fi with Pioneer Mortgage. At some point around this re-fi date the loan was allocated to Hibernia, although Pioneer claimed that it still retained ownership of the note and the mortgage. When it all started, I thought Hibernia had bought Pioneer. In reality, Hibernia Pioneer Bank bought…. We don`t know anything about mortgages, but we have started receiving our statements from Hibernia.

When we divorced in 1998, I took care of the payments – the mortgage for both names. In December 2001, I refinanced (or at least I thought that) with UC Lending (they filled out the November 2001 date), but my payment review I received at the time, said December 2001. It would even have been Jan 2002 – I have to go back and see. UC Lending was assigned to Aegis Mortgage and, to my recollection, UC Lending or transferred the service rights to Aegis Mortgage. Although they show that I signed the mortgage with Aegis Mortgage DBA UC Lending. When I went bankrupt in 2003 – in 2008 (and I was royally screwed by a number of corrupt bankruptcy lawyers), there was an Adaquate protection order and a modified approval order. Originally I wanted to sell my house and get out of this mess, but then I decided I could find the money I owed and I wanted to try to keep my house for my kids. And, I remember that clear day….. I came with the money I had late. Aegis, I called a real estate agent to ask why the house was going to sell.

They then used that price as what I had to sell it for. After I spoke to them, they “found” my opinion. The problem is that the person who made that assessment is not the same person who reported the person of origin in the newspapers. In addition, it was inflated. When I decided that I could come with the money not to sell my house, I remember that I went to court and they told me that I had to accept the difference in judgment to keep my house, and that they left me the first part of the mortgage at the beginning. I thought it was weird, but I did. It was only recently that I thought they did it to rewrite the mortgage in the name of Aegi instead of UC Lending and increase the amount I originally owed. The guy who sold me the scary mortgage in the first place initially prepared two sets of credit documents (in case I wanted to make a bigger credit). When I look at the Edgar case, I can`t find anything on UC Lending and NOTHING on Aegis, which would be the date they post on the mortgage document.

I can`t find anything from Hibernia from 1994. then…. I wonder if I should go ahead and look below the date when this Adaquate and modified approval order is to see if it is mentioned below that date, can I prove that they rewrote the loan in the BK court? What are you offering me? Uh, I remember designing my first pooling and service contract. Not exactly what I had in mind when I went to law school…. Has anyone searched the Sec for mortgages by Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.? I`m trying to find his Structured Assets Securities Corp.