Amex Centurion Card Agreement

As mentioned above, this card offers points corresponding to 2% return for the ticket price and 1.5% return on all other purchases. Benefits include a $100 fee credit, an overall $100 entry credit, a 24-hour concierge and occasional luxury gifts. The card is made of stainless steel and has an annual fee of 495 $US. If you remove this card, you will receive Amex Rewards Membership points that you can use for flights or hotel stays. The Centurion card was used as an accessory on the screen. Doug Smith, the director of American Express europe, told the website that there had been “rumors that we have this ultra-exclusive black card for elite customers. That was not true, but we decided to use the idea anyway. Until now we had a customer who bought a Bentley and another jet charter. The site lists unverified descriptions of cardholder requests, such as. B sending a biker to the shores of the Dead Sea and returning to London for a children`s school project. [5] The card, available for personal and professional use, offers services such as a hired concierge and a travel agency; Free escort airfare on international flights with selected airlines, with the purchase of a full fare ticket; Personal buyers from retailers such as Dot -Vic`s Rathon Station, Gucci, Escada and Saks Fifth Avenue; Access to airport clubs First-class flight upgrades Membership in Sony Cierge Personal Shopping Program and dozens of other elite club members. [6] In the pilot episode of the US Network`s medical comedy show Royal Pains, Tucker Bryant, the young heir to a family fortune he earned through the invention of the mixer, was injured in the crash of his father`s Ferrari. He asked a doctor to “go into my wallet and have the little black card on which American Express is written” and flew by helicopter from the Hamptons to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

You can apply for one of the cards mentioned above – or one of the best credit cards on the market – and you can write your own ticket for high life! While there are more advantages in terms of maps than we can list here, including for cruises, restaurants, shops and other events, there are others you need to know: something you need to keep in mind: the Centurion offers a personal card and a business card. If you have a choice, the business card offers more valuable benefits, especially the reduction of the fare. You can get the American Express Centurion card only by invitation, and it is expensive, but now there are other high-end cards that have great benefits without annual astronomical fees.